Kate’s Moss m/l

Kate’s Moss m/l


Made from Vintage Indian Saris, each robe is a one of a kind print with one of a kind hand stitched embroidery. The most common, Kantha embroidery, involves a hand embroidered running stitch all over the embroidery design, which is usually a folk motif of birds, flowers or paisleys.

Spirit Sarai Kantha Robes include embroideries that are passed down for generations by women of a particular village, each stitch technique native to a different area of India. By purchasing a Spirit Sarai style you are helping to keep the spirit & craft of each village alive.

98% upcycled materials

Made responsibly in India, with love.

size M/L

US size 8-12

Body length: 35.5″

Sleeve length from shoulder: 15″

Belt length: 78″

This robe is one of a kind, there is only one in stock.

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