Scarlet Four Corners Paisley

Scarlet Four Corners Paisley


Made from heavily embellished Vintage Indian Saris, each poncho features a combination of hand stitched techniques including zari stitching of metal coils, satin stitch embroidery, hand beaded motifs, silk fringe and tassels.

Spirit Sarai Omala Ponchos include embroideries that are passed down for generations by women of a particular village, each stitch technique native to a different area of India. By purchasing a Spirit Sarai style you are helping to keep the spirit & craft of each village alive.

98% upcycled materials

Made responsibly in India, with love.

size One Size

US size 2-12

Body length: 25″

Body width: 45″ plus or minus an inch

This poncho is one of a kind, there is only one in stock.


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